Farnsworth Hydraulic Lifts International
Custom Boat and Yacht Lifts


Farnsworth Hydraulic Lifts feature:

  • Stainless steel sheives, pins, and hardware
  • Unlimited hydraulic lift capacity up to 100,000 pounds
  • Safe, secure boarding
  • Effortless remote operation with radio remote control
  • A.C. or D.C. solar-powered units available
  • Hydraulics enclosed in watertight, machine-grade aluminum housing
  • No special maintenance required
  • Annual factory inspection and certification available
  • Fail-safe hydraulic and mechanical locks
  • Installed by premium dock builders for attractive, safe installations
  • Designed by a licensed, professional engineer in U.S.A.

Farnsworth Hydraulic Lifts International
313 Smith St., East Liverpool, Ohio 43920
(330) 385-1745 tel., (330) 385-1443 fax